About Jeff Adkisson
Registered Interior Designer in Tennessee

There is a new attitude prevalent in interior design today that reflects both individual taste and international influences. In this age of global communication, an overwhelming amount of information must be absorbed before reaching an understanding of our material culture and how to best express it. Jeff Adkisson’s designs reflect a youthful spirit and an extreme respect for the past in a fresh way. He strives to create within his clients the same enthusiasm he feels for the charm and magic of each project. He derives great satisfaction in imparting classic fine art, architecture and interior design to clients seeking broader knowledge of how art and design can influence and improve daily life. He takes pleasure in projects ranging from the very simple to rich and sumptuous, and his work has inspired and brought gratitude to people from all walks of life.

A love of decoration for its own sake is innate to Jeff and has been so since childhood. His father was one of Nashville’s first real estate appraisers, and through assisting his dad he was exposed to all types of homes and lifestyles. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, he did postgraduate study in France and Italy and apprenticed for four years with the late Bill Hamilton, a renowned Nashville designer. During his association with Bill, Jeff was fortunate to meet Nina Wakefield, the legendary antiquarian from Atlanta. She exposed him to great and honest antiques from France, Germany, the UK, Russia and the Orient and honed his talent for connoisseurship. Jeff’s extensive travels nourish his design abilities and enable him to collect antiques and decorations for his projects throughout the Southern states and as far afield as England and the West Indies.

Jeff established his company, Adkisson Design, twenty-five years ago and has since forged a solid reputation for creating fine residences of exceptional quality and also producing innovative commercial offices. Although his style clearly has an old-world influence and inspiration, it meshes seamlessly with projects ranging from historical to contemporary. Jeff conceptualizes a project as sculpture in the round and thinks it of utmost importance that the interior design and the exterior architecture, including the gardens and grounds, are harmonious and complement each other. He truly appreciates a client who is imaginative and knowledgeable, but finds a novice with a blank canvas irresistible. An Anglophile at heart, Jeff increasingly finds eclectic design intriguing and searches for new ways to incorporate his love of historical elements into the modern lifestyle.

Naturally communicative and a gifted listener, Jeff appreciates working with a diverse client base and collaborating with other artists and professionals. He is interested in the ideas of clients and colleagues, but stands forthright in his own beliefs. He educates and enables clients to use their imaginations and expand their knowledge. Above all, he encourages them to choose only things that please their eye and are of the best quality they can afford. It is Jeff’s belief that fine art, great antiques and rare decorative objects endure over time and can appreciate exponentially, and with his knowledge of fine European antiques and art, he can advise clients as they embark on a rewarding lifetime of collecting objects that they love.

Jeff and his wife Sharon welcome everyone to their elegant, English-inspired home, garden, and workplace and they share their love for flowers and gardens with the community and friends. Jeff has won numerous awards over the years and has been chairman of the Metro Beautification Bureau for the City of Nashville for several terms. He has also chaired many committees for various civic organizations and events.