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Tenets of Interior Design

• A beautiful room begins with proportion, balance, contrast, color, function and organization.

• One has to decide what should be kept, culled or hidden.

• Every room should have a focal point or interesting vignette.

• Art and accessories personalize a room the most.

• Appropriate lighting means both functional and ambient. Dimmer switches on all lighting.

• Good design is a combination of using both symmetrical and asymmetrical balance, as well as contrasting lights with darks.

• One should not be afraid of using oversized or larger scale furniture.

• Take an organic approach and bring the outside in. Plants and flowers are essential.

• Antiques give a room heritage.

• A mirror creates depth and illusion.

• A masculine or tailored look survives time more than a feminine one.

• An individual’s personal touch adds graciousness and charm to a room or home.

• Celebrate every day, not just the seasons and holidays. Life is about the accumulation of good memories, not accumulating things.

Download this brochure on the Tenets of Design

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